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green 2 of bioman

Choudenshi Bioman

I remember this show way back in my childhood, its quite nostalgic to see it again this time by streaming in youtube and available dvd's. Choudenshi Bioman was the first Super Sentai to do many things that would become common place in later installments. Bioman was the first series to have two women on the team at once, and the first to feature a female hero in yellow; she was eventually killed, making Bioman the first series to kill off a female hero. However, Bioman was fairly unique in that the man-sized monsters fought early each episode were not the same as the large monsters fought later in the episodes. Very typical in my childhood but i never knew that they were the first to do it because power rangers and fiveman were first to come here in the philippines.



The main charaters for choudenshi bioman
Shirou Gou (郷史朗 Gō Shirō?)/Red One (レッドワン Reddo Wan?)
At 24, he is the pilot of the first Japanese space shuttle. Unfortunately, he gets caught in the crossfire just as the Gear begins the invasion. In him, passion and responsibility unite in an unusual combination. He grew up believing that his father was dead. However, after meeting Professor Shibata, even he is not so sure. Armed with Fire Sword (ファイヤーソード Faiyā Sōdo?) and Spark Sword (スパークソード Supāku Sōdo?), and using the Super Electronic Radar (超電子レーダー Chōdenshi Rēdā?) special attack. He also appeared in his costumed form in Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai along with his fellow Red Rangers led by his Liveman Successor Red Falcon from his Predecessors AkaRanger, Spade Ace, Battle Japan, Denji Red, VulEagle 2, Goggle Red and DynaRed to his Successors Change Dragon, Red Flash, Red Mask, Red Turbo, Five Red, Red Hawk, TyrannoRanger, RyuuRanger, NinjaRed, OhRed, Red Racer, Mega Red, Ginga Red, GoRed and TimeRed. His English name is Kenny.
Shingo Takasugi (高杉真吾 Takasugi Shingo?)/Green Two (グリーンツー Gurīn Tsū?)
He is a 23-year-old race car driver. Shingo can be very tough to enemies yet very kind to children, for whom he has a soft spot. Yet despite his bravado, there are times when he doubts his own abilities. Yet despite these doubts, He knows what he must do and does them as well as possible. He is the designated driver of the Bio Turbo. Armed with Hurricane Sword (ハリケーンソード Harikēn Sōdo?) and Green Boomerang (グリーンブメラング Gurīn Bumerangu?), as well as Super Electronic Scope (超電子スコープ Chōdenshi Sukōpu?) and Break Action (ブレイクアクション Bureiku Akushon?) special attacks. His English name is Frankie.
Ryuuta Nanbara (南原竜太 Nanbara Ryūta?)/Blue Three (ブルースリー Burū Surī?)
A water sportsman who, at 19 years of age, is boyish and adventurous; he loves to explore and discover things new. His years of diving have made him very nimble; thus, he is very skilled in stealth techniques. He wields the Super Electronic Ear (超電子イヤー Chōdenshi Iyā?) and Elec-Sword (エレキソード Ereki Sōdo?). His special attack is Super Sky Diving (スーパースカイダイビング Sūpā Sukai Daibingu?). His English name is Sammy.
Mika Koizumi (小泉ミカ Koizumi Mika?, 1-9)/Yellow Four I (1初代イエローフォー Shodai Ierō Fō?, 1-10)
A photographer who dreams of following in her brother's footseps to photograph the wildlife in Africa. Initially, she is hesitant to join the Bioman team. However, she is convinced when she realizes that if she does not fight, then the animals in Africa that she loves will eventually be in danger. She was killed by repeated Anti-Bio Particle blasts from the Bio Killer Gun to save the others (and she was severely blasted by Psygorn after the Bio Killer Gun ran out of ammunition) which Peebo later recalls during Silva's first appearance. Her weapon was the Thunder Sword (サンダーソード Sandā Sōdo?). Her special attacks were Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ Chōdenshi Horogurafi?) and Yellow Flash. Near the end of episode 10, Bio Robo's eyes glowed activating her computer system in her helmet and later activated her super electronic holography from her visor showin a footage of her (which was actually her shot at the end credits). From the start of episode 10 up to her subsequent death, wake and/or funeral, she remained in her yellow 4 suit. Her English name is Casey, the name of the Red Jungle Fury Ranger.
Jun Yabuki (矢吹ジュン Yabuki Jun?)/Yellow Four II (2代目イエローフォー Nidaime Ierō Fō?, 11-51)
An Olympic archer. 19 years old, sometimes dressing up like an American Indian cowgirl/Indian hybrid outfit. After watching the Bioman in action, she tries to join them but is initially refused, even though Mika Koizumi had just died; the others were looking for another descendant of the original five who were bombarded with the Bio Particles. However, she proves her courage, and it was discovered that she also has Bio Particles. Her weapons are Bio Arrow (バイオアロー Baio Arō?) and Thunder Sword (サンダーソード Sandā Sōdo?). Her special attack is Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ Chōdenshi Horogurafi?). Her English name is the same as her Japanese name.
Hikaru Katsuragi (桂木ひかる Katsuragi Hikaru?)/Pink Five (ピンクファイブ Pinku Faibu?)
A 20-year-old carnival flutist. Sweet yet strong, and a mistress of disguise. An unusually strong spirit yet with a strong motherly instinct. She plays the flute both to calm her spirits and to strengthen her resolve. She is able to befriend the evil computer Brain and teach him about friendship, which pays off when Brain sacrifices himself to save the Bioman as well as the world from destruction. She wields the Super Electronic Beamlight (超電子ビームライト Chōdenshi Bīmuraito?), Pink Barrier (ピンクバリヤー Pinku Bariyā?), and Laser Sword (レーザーソード Rēzā Sōdo?). Her special attacks are Pink Flash (ピンクフラッシュ Pinku Furasshu?) and Spin Chop (スピンチョップ Supin Choppu?).Her English name is Kimberly, the name for the First Pink Ranger in the First season of Power Rangers
If you are an avid fan of this just like me in your childhood have you ever wonder what happened to the real actors and actresses of this show?
Ive heard that mr. ryosuke (red one) was already old and i find this photo of him in google images that prooves it.

(Photo of Ryosuke Sakamoto)

one site interviews him and this one question matters most to me

How are the members of Bioman now?
21 years have already passed since the Bioman...
I was temporarily away from the show business. And, members have advanced on each course.
Mr. Osuga(Blue3) leaves the entertainment world and he is doing bonesetter management now. He attended the hero event with me in 2003. He looked fine.
Ms. Tanaka(Second Yellow4) also left the entertainment world and she has got married. She attended the hero event with me in 2004. She is even now very beautiful.
The detailed thing is not known about the present of Mr. Ota(Green2), Ms. Makino(Pink5),and Ms.Yuki Yajima.  It is regrettable.
I was really wondering what happened to this guys including

  • Shirou Gou/Red One: Ryosuke Sakamoto (阪本 良介 Sakamoto Ryōsuke?)
  • Shingo Takasugi/Green Two: Naoto Ota (太田 直人 Ōta Naoto?)
  • Ryuta Nanbara/Blue Three: Akito Osuga (大須賀 昭人 Ōsuga Akito?)
  • Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four: Yuki Yajima (矢島 由紀 Yajima Yuki?)
  • Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four: Sumiko Tanaka (田中 澄子 Tanaka Sumiko?)
  • Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five: Michiko Makino (牧野 美千子 Makino Michiko?
specially naoto ota (green two) because somehow he affects me for some what reasons. its very childish but he was my idol when i was a kid. i hope someone could send me recent photos of these guys.

Finally I found some of their reunited pictures though beauty fades as time passes by it wont change the fact that these people made my sundays when I was a kid an extra special.

look at that aren't they so happy finally they can reminisce their legacy as once they are children favorite. Green two finally made an appearance together with pink 5.

Both of them is still recognizable at a single glance. Kinda wondering what if they end up together as husband and wife maybe they would have kids that will be also a sentai superstar. (fuschia 6 or scarlet 7 lol)


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    1. I will gladly do that :) Ill leave some comments

  2. hi dan, im also a big fan of bioman since when i was a kid. i'm also searching about te actors specially green 2. his one of my best actors in list or should i say the number 1. i hoping to find you in facebook. i know that your in the philippines right now so i wish you could reach me here: 09085828201 i'll gie you my facebook account once you reached me. i hope to hear from you soon.

    1. lorennn sorry for the very late response yes im from the philippines :) you can reach my facebook account dan yojan samson

  3. We sell BIOMAN DVD all episode in ENG Dub... do contact us via email and 09284436840 - Paul tenx

  4. hi dan, im also a big fan of bioman..i used to watch this when i was a kid..and streaming it on youtube...i really miss this.wish to hear more about the present life of the other members of the bio team..

    1. I updated the blog some pics are available :) thanks for sharing the wonderful memories of my life

  5. hi to all fans of bioman... im also an avid of them.. i really want to know the present life of the other members especially yellow four(Ms.mika koizumi) and why did she left in the series... hope to hear from you all again.. fb account

    1. We also doesn't know leo why did mika leave ., but isn't jun also did a great job being yellow 4 :D

  6. Hi Dan,
    am also a fan of bioman. though i never see their series for it seems to never distributed in Indonesia but I collected the original sountract, the weapon toy, even i made a kids group named bioman!
    i wish i could downloaded their series now but i dont know the link.

    biomic, biomic soldier, are wa nani, are wa bioman...!

  7. A friend told me that one of her Facebook friends posted a recent pic of Green 2. It says there that he has a Filipina wife and their way of living is not that good. I came across your blog as I was hopefully searching for this said picture. No luck yet as of the moment.

    1. its cool if we can take a glimpse of that photo. That will be totally awesome

  8. huh?maybe you are not yet around or too young when this was first aired. I have watch Bioman prior to Power Rangers and Fiveman.